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Commonly known as paper daisy, everlasting daisy is one of the most beautiful, drought-tolerant, and hardy annual native to Australia and welcome addition to any home garden, not only to make the landscape live and colourful but also for attracting native bees and hoverflies. The plants tolerate poor soil and are easy to grow by seed sowing in late Spring, and they produce an excellent, bright blend of pink, white, and red semi and double papered daisy flowers. They are also known as strawflowers and used as cut flowers due to their beautiful colour combinations.

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Everlasting daisy tom thumbs mix

Growing Daisies from Seeds

Gardeners can easily grow daisies from seeds to create a beautiful landscape for adding value to property and surroundings. Their seeds must be sown in sunny places, as these plants need full sun for their growth and development. The soil should be well prepared before sowing. Moreover, there should be no presence of weed seeds and contaminants to avoid weeds' growth of weeds and protect the soil from hazardous pollutants.

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Soil Requirements

Daisy flowers can be best grown in sandy and well-managed soils as they require good drainage for survival. The drainage of clayey and loamy soil can be improved by addition of compost, organic matter and sand. Daisy seeds are also broadcasted by mixing with the coarse potting mix, sand, or any good quality slow-release fertilisers. The seedlings need to be watered every two days.

The gardening soil can be mulched in the hot summer season to protect soil from erosion and weather extremities. Moreover, natural mulch also helps add good organic matter to the soil and dramatically improves its physical, chemical, and biological properties.

Blooming Seasons

The first bloom occurs in mid-summer, provided by proper plant management and care. At the same time, delightful displays of yellow and pink petals are blooming in late summer. These flowers can be collected and dried for decorative and aesthetic purposes. 

everlasting daisy pink

Collection and Use of Daisy Flowers

Most of the daisy flowers are closed at night due to excessive moisture and wet conditions. They bloom in the morning. Freshly picked up flowers with stems can be stored in the water containers in any cool and dry place. These flowers are also being used for the craftwork to add beauty and value to the products. Moreover, these flowers are useful to make beautiful wirings, decorations of tables, and floral arrangements for different events.


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