ASPARAGUS - Mary Washington & Argeneuil seeds [2 PACKS]

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ASPARAGUS Mary Washington & Argeneuil - 30 Seeds (15 seeds of each variety)

(Asparagus Officinalis)

Asparagus Argeneuil variety is a must for the asparagus lover. An old traditional heirloom, this gourmet variety is highly esteemed in Europe for its delicious white stems with rose-colored buds that can be blanched white.

It is an early producing, flavorsome and heat tolerant. Unlike many other asparagus varieties which do not offer a decent harvest until the third year when grown from seed, Argenteuil will give a good yield in the second year. Can adapt to a wide variety of well-draining soils and is quite heat tolerant.

Blanching will also make the stems pure white without the tip, great for an exotic dish.


Asparagus Mary Washington is a perennial vegetable. It can be served hot, with drawn butter; cold, in a salad; in soups; and as a sandwich filling or flavoring. This is a great table favorite which produces tender shoots that are a great aside for loads of dishes.


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