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Beneficial Bug Mix / Good Insects Mix - 100 Seeds (NOT to WA)

[ Covers 1 square meter of garden space ]

Promote biodiversity and a pesticide-free garden!

An important strategy for organic gardeners is to enhance and maximise the natural biological controls already present in a garden ecosystem. Does your garden provide a nectar source for beneficial, pest-controlling insects? Planting particular flowers and herbs known as insectary plants has been proven to improve the natural balance and reduce pest outbreaks. 

This is a colourful mix of flowers and herbs, annuals and perennials to attract insects like lacewings, ladybugs, hoverflies, wasps and bees. Promotes natural biodiversity. 

Good and Beneficial Insect/ Bug Mix contains colourful re-seeding annual and perennial flowers including red clover, alyssum, cosmos, marigolds, Queen Anne's Lace, buckwheat, lucerne, dill, caraway, coriander and phacelia, gypsophila. It blooms much of the year, providing nectar, pollen and habitat for wild and introduced beneficial insects, such as predatory mites and tiny micro wasps, ladybirds, lacewings, hoverflies, tachinid flies and predatory beetles. These beneficial insects or 'good bugs' are generally small with correspondingly small mouthparts, so they can only feed on particular flowers with suitable attributes. By providing a plentiful food supply, the 'good bugs' live longer and reproduce more 

It should be planted in areas that can go a little wild, such as garden edges or along fence lines. Generally, you need only plant 1-5% of your land for good results. Each small packet covers 1m². Sowing time is Spring and early Summer. Prefer sunny position, sow 5mm deep, emerge 8 -14 days, water well and fertilise regularly.


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