CARROT - Lunar White seeds

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CARROT Lunar White - 50+ HEIRLOOM Seeds 

This 20cm long pure white carrot is almost entirely coreless. The seeds produce a heavy crop of tall, hearty plants. 

The tapered roots have a very mild carrot flavor, and they are particularly delicious when picked small. 

Grow carrots in cool weather. Crunchy and crisp, Lunar White carrots make a great addition to a green salad. They can be used in any recipe calling for standard orange carrots, but they are an especially nice addition to a dish whose presentation highlights their clean moon-white color.


Growing Info

This is a cool season annuals.  Sow carrots any time of the year, except very hot period of the year and also frosty periods. Sow either spring or autumn, in very mild areas all year round is possible. A sunny position is required. It germinates best at 8-28 ‎°C soil temperature. To improve germination, prevent seed rows from drying out by covering with cardboard; remove as soon as seeds germinate. Harvest in 65-90 days.


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