DAHLIA - Dwarf Double Opera Mix seeds


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Dahlia Dwarf Double Opera Mix – 12+ Seeds

(Dahlia pinnata) 

This Dahlia seed mix blooms variety of lovely colored flowers: white, violet, red, orange, and yellow blooms on dwarf plants that are perfect for the front of borders or containers. Dahlia Opera features double flowers that are rich and full of color. They love the heat and sun of summer, and they will bloom heavily right up until the first hard frost. Dahlia care includes deadheading the spent blooms to keep a continuous supply of lovely flowers. 

Sowing Instructions

Sow in Spring to Early Summer in Temperate, Sp-Early Summer in Cool, Winter-Spring in Tropical climate zone.

Sow 10mm deep. Germination in 2-3 weeks. Space

30cm, Height 20-30cm, Flower in 115days


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