BABY'S BREATH - Gypsophila Elegans Mix seeds

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Baby’s Breath Mix - 300 Seeds

(Gypsophila Elegans Mix) 

Baby’s breath is a common cut flower, popularly paired with roses and as a common filler in other bouquets. It’s also commonly used as a bouquet or arrangement of its own. 

With larger, wide-open blooms G. elegans blooms so early, it casts what appears to be a white cloud over the seeded meadow, often with the earliest blue cornflowers and red poppies blooming up through it - a true spring vision of wildflower beauty. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow in Spring on the surface in a seed tray, cover with cling wrap with few holes. Need indirect light & 18-20°C for germination. Water with a spray bottle, Germination 2-3 weeks. Height 50cm. Space 30cm apart. Hardy Annual plant.


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