ALLIUM Quattro F1 (Garlic) seeds


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Allium Quattro F1 (Garlic) - 10 Seeds

(Petroselinum sativum)

(Hybrid, Primed seeds) 


  1. Flowering Hardy Perennial

The evergreen, vigorous plant produces large lavender flowers on an. Like other Allium family variety, it is strong against insects and has a high tolerance to fungi. A very thick (up to 2cm wide) leaves with very soft vines plant 

  1. Culinary leaves harvest all summer

'Quattro' F1 is tasted like an ordinary onion with a soft garlic taste and no garlic smell after consumption

You can chop it up and sprinkle over pasta and add few leaves in an olive oil bottle and drizzle over your salad, add it in your sandwich and tear up few flower heads in a soup bowl 

  1. Natural folklore Medicine

It is said to improve Cardiovascular health, Helps reduction of high Cholesterol levels and remedy for cough! 

  1. Beautiful and tasty Edible flowers

The whole leaf (crunchy and not hollow) is edible. The young flower stalks, the flowers, the corms - It's all edible! 

'Quattro' F1 plant grows up to 30 cm. Its flowers' maximum height is 90 cm. FertiliSation needs are normal, and the water requirements are ample. In the 1st season, the plant is small, and it is better not to harvest the leaves. In the 2nd year, the strong roots create a large plant, and the leaves can be harvested. Min. temperature for active growth is 12ºC at night, 16ºC at day time is required 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet. 


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