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2000+ Seeds - 7 Variety - 7 Separate Packs

Let's face it; no garden is complete without flowers - they don't just make your home look & smell great; they do add a needed splash of colour to any area of the home garden. Flowers do indeed brighten your day and lift the spirits. 

Flowers are beneficial to good insects - Butterflies, bumblebees, hummingbirds, and honeybees will cling to these beauties throughout the Spring and Summer months. 

Grow a garden filled with an array of colourful flowers.  Growing flowers from seed is a simple, fun and economical way of creating colour in the garden. 

All of our flower seeds are guaranteed fresh and ready to grow during the appropriate season. We store our seeds in a temperature-controlled facility, in airtight containment, and only package our seeds when the demand is high. 

Every packet of flower seed has a label for identification and a basic growing note for your convenience. We suggest you read the important tips given below. 

You will receive the following 7 Varieties as a part of this MAGNIFICENT FLOWER GARDEN Seeds Value Pack.



Flower Variety

Seeds Count


Everlasting Daisy / Paper Daisy / Strawflower Mixed



Foxglove Excelsior Mix



Linaria Northern Lights Mixed (Toadflax)



Marigold Sparky Mixed



Petunia Dwarf Mix / Nana Compacta Mix



Poppy Single Red Flanders Remembrance



Zinnia Lilliput Mix



A few important tips/ notes for you to be successful in growing a flower garden. 

  1. Some of the flower variety has tiny seeds. Each tiny seed has the potential to grow into a full-size plant that spreads at least 5-7 cm wide.
  2. We obtain seeds from one of the top seed suppliers in the world. All seeds are fresh and DO grow if you plant them as instructed.
  3. Tiny seeds need surface sowing on the top of a fresh layer of black fine composted soil which will improve your growing results. Do not bury tiny seeds too deep in the soil; otherwise, they won’t pop-out.
  4. Mist them daily with a spray bottle so that the soil is moist and provide an area of full sunlight.
  5. Best to sow them in a seed tray if you think that they may get splashed out or destroyed by bird or insects if sown directly to the ground.
  6. IF you sow these seeds in mulch, sandy soils, clay-based soils, rocky soils, or any other soil aside from black fine composted soil, you risk POOR RESULTS from your flower garden project.
  7. Some of the flower variety is perennial. Please note that PERENNIALS DO NOT OFTEN FLOWER IN THE FIRST GROWING SEASON. In the first year, they focus their energy on growing root.
  8. If you require any further information or have further questions, please feel free to reach out via message, and we are always up on our toes to assist our valued customers in being successful in growing their garden, as this is what we do!


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