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GIANT TOMATO Heirloom Mix - 90+ Seeds

6 LARGE MULTICOLOR Beefsteak type varieties - 6 Separate packets with sowing instructions

  1. TOMATO Beefsteak - 15 Seeds: Nice combination of size, taste, and earliness. Still unsurpassed as the top choice for fresh market beefsteak tomatoes. Large, avg. 400g - 450g, mostly blemish-free, globe-shaped red fruit. They have full flavor - among the best - and ripen early for their size. Broad disease resistance capability. High resistance to Alternaria stem canker, Fusarium wilt races 1, 2, gray leaf spot, nematodes, tobacco mosaic virus, and Verticillium wilt. AAS winner. 
  1. TOMATO 'Aunt Ruby’s Green' - 15 Seeds: Tomato Aunt Ruby’s Green is really nice beefsteak-type tomatoes with fruits are 12-14cm in diameter by 10-11cm deep, weigh 450g or more and remain green colored at maturity. It has sweet juicy flesh, refreshing spicy flavor with a piquant bite. They are excellent for sandwiches and green fried tomatoes. 
  1. TOMATO 'Black Russian’ - 15 Seeds: Unlike most varieties of tomato that have attractive bright red skins, the Black Russian tomato has a darkish brown skin that darkens with age as they mature. Don’t let this put you off though, because these tomatoes have somewhat of a pleasant sweet acid taste. Tomato ‘Black Russian’ is Russian heirloom with an exceptional sweet taste with spicy and smoky undertones that are enhanced when dried. As it matures the skin develops a brown tone. It has got an intense flavor, deliciously tasted when sliced and could be fried in olive oil and garlic. This tomato makes an interesting color variation in raw salads and also it is perfect for salad & sandwiches. Highly recommended for home gardeners! 
  1. TOMATO Cherokee Purple - 15 Seeds: A classic heirloom beefsteak, originally from Tennessee, USA, that has been winning hearts for over a century with its unmatched sweet and balanced flavor. This heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomato variety consistently ranks very high in taste tests. Slice Cherokee Purple tomato for rich, dark color and unmatched sweet, rich taste on sandwiches or in salads. The tomato is a beautiful dusky pink with a deep, rich-red interior. Let the fruit ripen on the vine for the best flavor. 
  1. TOMATO Jubilee Yellow - 15 Seeds: Tomato 'Jubilee' Yellow' is an heirloom variety, first introduced in 1943 as an All-America Selection, Jubilee bears large tomatoes with very meaty, thick-walled interiors and acid free mild flavor weigh on average 200-300g. The globe-shaped, golden-orange fruit is similar to Sunray ripens to a bright yellow. High yielding. Good for cooking and slicing.
  2. TOMATO White Beauty - 15 Seeds: Tomato White Beauty is medium-early tall variety. Vegetation period is 75-85 days. Round, slightly flattened and ribbed fruit, weighing 220-350 g. Unusual color and distinctive flavor. Fruits are meaty beefsteak variety with few seeds and have a very sweet, mild flavor. The fruits ripen from green to a cream-white color which persists throughout the fruit. Add color to salads, and culinary creations, or make a white spaghetti sauce! One of the best white tomatoes that they had ever been grown. Always a great seller at Farmer’s Markets! Excellent choice for home gardens and specialty market growers. An heirloom variety dating back to the 1800’s. These all are INDETERMINATE varieties and as such this variety requires staking or climbing frame.


A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience.

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