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CAPSICUM Cubanelle - 10 HEIRLOOM Seeds 

The Cubanelle Capsicum is originally from Central America and will grow up to 6 cm across and 18 cm long and is one of the prettiest and easiest varieties to grow

When unripe, it is light yellowish-green in color, but will turn bright red if allowed to ripen. Think of the Cubanelle like a sweeter, more flavorful Capsicum, and you’ll get why these capsicums are so popular. Though, where the capsicum and the Poblano chili, with their thick walls, are great for stuffing, the Cubanelle and its thin walls, while stuffing is a possibility, are really ideal for the frying pan. Fried with a little olive oil, the Cubanelle’s mild sweet heat really comes to life.

It is used extensively in the cuisine of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. 

Cubanelle capsicums can be slightly hot, with scoville units between 500 and 1,000, which is very mild considering that jalapeno chilies average 3,000 scoville unites and habanero chilies are over 200,000.


Sow & Care Instructions 

Sow seeds indoors in seed flats - Start 8-10 weeks before last frost date in your area, 5-6mm deep with soil temperatures 21-26 ºC – you may need to use bottom heat pad or electric propagator. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Choose a well-drained sunny position and transplant 45cm apart when danger of frost has passed and when soil is 20 degrees. 

Harvest using a sharp instrument, pick first fruits when they reach usable size, this helps accelerate the growth of the other capsicums on the plant. Leave some on to mature, to color and sweeten up. 

Tips: Plant in fertile, well composted soil, mulch and provide adequate water. It helps to use row cover early in the season giving the plants extra warmth, especially in the southern states including Sydney (applicable for Australia). Side dress when flowers begin to form. It is a great companion plant for basil. Warmth is essential for good fruit set. Pick fruit regularly to prolong cropping. 

Propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience.


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