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CHILLI Cayenne Yellow - 10 HEIRLOOM Seeds

Colourful version of the classic Cayenne. This plant has yellow fruits instead of the regular red fruit and these are not as hot. 

The Golden Cayenne is a strong sturdy plant that is very productive. The plant reaches about 45 to 60cm tall and has yellowish/creamy flowers. The fruits mature in 85 to 95 days. A mature plant can produce up to 40 pods and will produce chillies all summer long, even in the summer heat and humidity. 

These chillies are very easy to grow on your own with little experience. They produce a satisfying chilli that's great in pickles, sauces and curries. They are easy to dry and ideal for cooking and excellent in salsas or sauces. The chillies are also good for decoration and perfect to use for making a wreath or ristra, they long good when strung together with the Red Cayenne.

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