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CHILLI Maule’s Red Hot – 10 Seeds 

The Maule’s Red Hot pepper was introduced by William Maule Company in Philadelphia back in 1912. It’s a very productive chilli and easy to grow. 

The plant grows to over a meter in a pot and is highly resistant, furthermore seems to like a cooler climate. The pods are 12-15 cm long and about 1-2 cm wide, start off green and end up a bright red, when they are fully mature. 

This chilli variety would be excellent in a salsa, for pickling, in a salad or as a chilli powder. Even for a sauce or in any dish where you want a nice chilli flavour and not too much heat. 

All in all Maule’s Red Hot is great chilli, easy to grow, highly resistant and a great producer of nice tasting chilli with medium heat. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.

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