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Chilli Mundu - 10 Seeds 

Grown in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh state of India, they are small & round with thin skin. It has a unique flavor. They are barely spicy and have a pungency of around 40,000SHU but have a unique flavor that enhances the flavors of many dishes. 

It’s also called Ramnad S9 red Mundu chili. Especially, Mundu red chili is very popular in south Indian cuisine, it has dark shiny & thick skin. Available with or without the stem. This rammed red mundu S9 chili has a good flavor and aroma, exported worldwide. Also, Used for food coloring. 

Due to high pungency, aroma & color, Mundu chili is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, and Italian & Japanese Cuisines. The curry made in Mundu chili not only looks rich but also gives a mouthwatering peppery flavor. It is also used for the extraction and derivation of capsaicin. 

A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet.

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