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CHILLI Thai Volcano or Thai Dragon - 10 Seeds

Thai Volcano Chilli OR Thai Dragon Chilli is dark green, beautifully elongated and shapely leaves on a short, bushy plant, giving rise to clusters of upright Chillis, bright red at maturity, quite ornamental and also wonderful in Asian cooking or used in any cooking where fiery hot spice is desired. 

These do excellently in pots.  The small volcano on the plate is composed of coarsely ground dried volcano Chillis, which are an excellent flavour enhancer for any food, and also improve circulation.  In general, it is a good idea to reduce salt intake, and therefore other flavour enhancers take precedence.  

In the case of Chillis, one also receives the digestive and vascular benefits of capsaicin–warming to the digestive tract, improves assimilation of nutrients, and speeds circulation, discouraging blockages and ultimately (other factors being constant), likely to extend the life expectancy. 

All this in a bright red Chilli!  Chillis prefer a scanty, even water supply, good drainage, full sun, and a long, hot summer. Start indoors 40 to 50 days prior to the last frost. Thin seedlings to at least 2 inches apart in the seeds flat. Transplant out to the garden after the soil has really warmed up. The best compost for Chillis is higher in phosphorous than nitrogen. Kelp is well-tolerated and makes for outrageous yields.  These Chillis are very good in pots, and a 50L pot will have adequate soil to bring a full-sized plant to completion.

CHILLI Thai Volcano or Thai Dragon Scoville heat units (SHU): 150,000

The jalapeno reference point (SHU): 5,000


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Kefir Lover
Chilli Thai Volcano seeds

I currently have very small plants in JIffy pellet pots, for Thai Volcano there are 3 seeds to each Jiffy pellet pot, 3 pots in all, and seven have sprouted. I waited until our late starting summer began properly before starting the chilli seeds. This is a little too early to give a proper review except for the germination rate so far, 7 out of 9 is not bad and the other seeds may still sprout. They were placed in a plastic cup with warm water for a day, then planted in Jiffy pellets the next day. The real test will be many weeks down track when they finally fruit and I finally get to know whether they are true to type or not, as chillis hybridise very easily.

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