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SWEET CORN Anasazi – 10 Heirloom Seeds (NOT to WA)

Anasazi means "ancient one". Ancient variety reputed to be from seeds found in Anasazi ruins. Possibly the oldest sweet corn still in existence. This heirloom is drought-resistant and doesn’t require the extreme fertility and weed-free conditions needed by many modern corns. The plant likes warmth. The plants are 200cm high with two 18cm long sweet cobs. Cobs are multi-coloured with red, blue and white kernels in varying combinations.  Eat when young and still yellow. Cob length and diameter, degree of sweetness, colour combinations, and plant height all vary. 

Anasazi Sweet corn is an heirloom open-pollinated sweet corn that originated from America. 

It is grown in Australia and this is not a hybrid or GMO variety. 

Sweet Corn Growing Instructions & Care 

Sweet corn can be sown in spring after all danger of frost has passed. Successive plantings are possible to extend the harvest until January in most areas in Australia. 

Sow direct, 20mm-30mm deep in Spring or early Summer. Plant spacing is 30cm and row spacing is 75cm. It needs full sun and moist soil. Frost tender plant, matures in approx. 85-90 days, grows to 2m high. 

Block planting improves pollination and gives well-filled cobs. Prepare the soil with compost and well-rotted manure. Count 18 days from when the silk appears and start checking for ripeness, the kernel should be milky. 

Be aware that the Super sweet corns in the supermarket are hybrids. Open-pollinated "Heirloom" corns have a more complex flavour, not so sugary, and shorter shelf life. For the best eating, watch the cobs carefully. When the juice in the kernels is clear, the corn is not ready. When it gets milky, the corn is ready to eat. Pick while the juice is milky, not yet pasty. Cook as fast as you can after picking. 


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