Snowpeas Marrow Fat seeds (Sprout)

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Snow Pea Marrow Fat Sprouting (Microgreen) Seeds (NOT to TAS)

Selection from 200g to 2kg

Snowpea (a.k.a Field Peas) sprouts are young snow pea plants, and it takes about a week to grow a pea seed into a pea sprout, after which the sprout, as it begins to develop leaves, becomes a pea shoot. These sprouts can be grown indoors year-round, though they thrive outdoors when the weather is cool. This variety is Marrow Fat which is Australian grown. This is very easy to grow and commonly used in salads, sandwiches, soups and stir-fries.

How to sprout Snow Pea seeds

Soak seed overnight. Tray or container can be used to sow seed, remembering to keep moist (seed may rot if overwatered). Sprout length 6-10cm. You can pick the whole plant or cut side shoots as the plant matures. Rinse and drain. Sprouts are ready to be harvested in about 5-8 days, depending upon local growing conditions.


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