TOMATO seeds - Winter Mix 2

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Tomato Winter Mix #2 - 15 Seeds

A beautiful variety of winter tomatoes 

All these seeds are randomly mixed in ONE SINGLE packet. 

TOMATO Siberian 

An indeterminate (climbing) variety producing medium-size deep purple, flat, ribbed fruits with a sweet taste. Drought and crack resistant and they store well. You can harvest in 85-95 days. 

TOMATO Black Cherry 

Black Cherry is an heirloom tomato variety that bears prolific quantities of cherry-sized fruits that have a great rich flavour similar to larger black-fruited varieties. 10 to 12 weeks to harvest. A very productive variety. 

TOMATO Giant Tree 

An heirloom variety of tomato that can grow to 3-4 metres in height. The plant produces high yields of pinkish-red fruits which can be harvested in around 90-95 days 

TOMATO Stupice

An Heirloom indeterminate variety originally from Czechoslovakia with an exceptional flavour. A good yielder of 6 cm tomatoes. Well suited to cooler climates.

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