Viola (Pansy) - Contessa Red & Rose Shades seeds

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Viola (Pansy) Contessa Red & Rose Shades - 60 Seeds

(Viola X Wittrockiana)

Pansies come from the French word "thought". Delicate, vibrant and beautiful pansies are famous around the world. These red coloured flowers with golden centres and purple markings are often found in hanging baskets, rocks, containers and flower beds around front borders. Pansies attract more butterflies to your beautiful garden. 

Sowing Instructions

Sow summer to winter, 5mm deep in a seed tray, cover with cling wrap with few holes. Need 20-22°C.Water with a spray bottle, Germination takes 2-3 weeks. Remove cling wrap once germinated.


Customer Reviews

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SJ Scrymgour
Germinating Rose Pansy Seeds

My first lot of seeds failed to germinate at all, I'm trying a second sewing : surface sowing and so far just a week in they have plumped but not yet sprouted, the other viola seeds I ordered are now jumping out of their pots!

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