ZUCCHINI - Patio Star F1 seeds

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Zucchini Patio Star F1 - 5 Seeds (Hybrid)

(Cucurbita pepo)

These are Hybrid seeds, and as such not suitable for seed savings – seeds may be treated to disinfect them from seed-borne or soil-borne pathogenic organisms and storage insects. 

Zucchinis that run wild are a thing of the past with ‘Patio Star F1’. This British bred variety is neat and compact; you can even grow it in a patio pot for easy access to the tasty fruit. Height: 45cm. Spread: 60cm. 

Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. 

Companion planting: Try growing Zucchini with Calendula to attract pollinating insects which will, in turn, pollinate your Zucchini flowers.


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