Spring Summer Seeds Collection - 27 Packs - COMBO PACK


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Spring-Summer Seeds Collection - 27 Packs - COMBO PACK

27 Varieties - 27 PACKS - 1800+ HEIRLOOM Seeds

Australia loves Summer … Kick start your WARM SEASON Veggie Garden!

This value pack of heirloom vegetables, herbs & flower seeds is most suitable for a warmer time of the year, i.e. SPRING and SUMMER season. The home gardener receives a continual harvest of fresh veggies and herbs throughout the Spring, Summer and late Autumn months.

You will receive each variety in a separate pack along with propagation notes.

1 F-178 Marigold - Sparky Mixed (30 seeds)
2 H-B015 Basil - Large Sweet Italian (100 seeds)
3 HM-A21 Lettuce - Heirloom Mix (430 seeds)
4 V-111 Amaranth - Green Leaf (300 seeds)
5 V-133 Beetroot - Detroit Dark Red (50 seeds)
6 V-189 Cape Gooseberry Dwarf (70 seeds)
7 V-193 Capsicum - Californian Wonder (10 seeds)
8 V-215 Carrot - All Seasons (100 seeds)
9 V-326 Chilli - Jalapeno (10 seeds)
10 V-384 Chines Broccoli - Kailaan (100 seeds)
11 V-387 Chinese Cabbage - Michihili (100 seeds)
12 V-421 Cucumber - Munchers Burpless (10 seeds)
13 V-434 Eggplant - Black Beauty (15-18 seeds)
14 V-462 Kale - Black Toscana (100 seeds)
15 V-524 Okra - Clemson Spineless (15 seeds)
16 V-574 Pumpkin - Butternut (10 seeds)
17 V-593 Radish - French Breakfast (50 seeds)
18 V-613 Rocket - Salad (200 seeds) 
19 V-621 Rockmelon - Honeydew (15 seeds)
20 V-633 Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant (50 seeds)
21 V-672 Squash - Scallop Yellow Bush seeds (10 seeds)
22 V-702 Tomato - Cherry Mix (15 seeds)
23 V-717 Tomato - Grosse Lisse (15 seeds)
24 V-800 Watermelon - Sugar Baby (10 seeds)
25 V-804 Zucchini - Black Beauty (8-10 seeds)
26 VB-30 Bean Climbing - Blue Lake (25 seeds)
27 VB-46 Corn Sweet - Golden Bantam (25 seeds)


Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Ballantyne
Happy Repeat Customer

The service is excellent from start to end. Communication is clear, precise & friendly. Shopping is easy. Prices & options are great. It's an outstanding business in all aspects. So happy ( pun intended) I found them. The products make excellent gifts too.

Great pack Assortment

Purchased the Spring Summer Seed collection 27 pack. Value is excellent and delivery was prompt; great seed selection pack, containing a huge variety of vegetables (and some flowers) including some which cannot be found anywhere else. I wish I had spent more time on the website as the varieties are amazing, next time I will purchase crystal apple cucumber and iceberg seeds. Already have lettuce. tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, capsicum, beans, corn and silver beet growing and given the heavy rain are flourishing in our patch. Thank you Happy Valley Seeds from the central West NSW.

Joan Bell

Just received my order great value lot’s of beautiful seeds good prompt service highly recommend your company l would love to have known you years ago Thank you

maureen clements
satisfied customer

very happy with product and quick turn around

Jade Gillis
Good job

Nice staff and good products. So excited to use them

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