Happy Valley Seeds can send seeds to every state and territory in Australia, except for Tasmania. Due to quarantine regulations, some of our seeds cannot be shipped to specific states. These laws are in place to prevent the spread of weeds, pests, and diseases. Biosecurity is a shared responsibility, which means we all need to do our bit to safeguard the economy, environment and community from biosecurity threats.

The seed line items that are restricted in certain states are marked as, e.g. "NOT to WA", "NOT to TAS", and "NOT to NT".

Additional fees:

Our WA customers do not pay full quarantine inspection fee to Quarantine WA (QWA) to import seeds into WA; instead, Happy Valley Seeds are billed directly from QWA under a special arrangement. We charge an additional fee of $6 per order destined to WA to cover quarantine inspection fees, paperwork and other administrative tasks that must be carried out before shipping WA seed orders.

On rare occasions, due to technical and latency issues, our website may provide you with a "Fallback rate" without inspection fees to let you continue with the rest of the checkout process. We will contact you to collect additional charges before WA seed order fulfilment. 


We will strictly adhere to biosecurity standards and comply with state quarantine rules. All shipments destined for WA will be subjected to biosecurity compliance checks at our end. To comply with the law, we will remove and refund any seed line items that are prohibited in your state.

  • Due to quarantine restrictions in WA, each approved seed variety is limited to 10kg seeds. When purchasing seeds, please keep in mind that you will receive a maximum of 10kg seeds per seed line item, the excess quantity will be removed from your order and refunded. The reason for this restriction is the additional costs and paperwork that would be necessary. Some of these costs, such as those for seed inspection in WA, are unknown until the inspection. For example, bulk packet inspections cost $67.50 each or may be up to three bulk packets depending on size. There is also a fee of $47 for document inspection and a Seed Analysis Certificate fee of $150 for each seed type. Simply put, we cannot accurately estimate what all these costs would amount to.
  • Species names can be checked for their status on online Western Australian Organisms List. In the instance, if specie is unlisted or listed as a declared pest, it will not be allowed to enter WA. 
  • There are also restricted seed species, please see the attached manual for those seeds (Pages 9 – 12)

Potential shipping delays:  

In order to help us ship your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, please do not include any items that are prohibited in your state. This will only increase our workload. To decrease the overall transit time, we endevour to dispatch all WA seed orders once in a week on Thursday. We cannot, however, guarantee specific delivery dates because QWA inspection timelines are beyond our influence. A selection of Express Post Service will not speed up the QWA inspection process, and you will not be given any priority seed inspection service at the QWA. We encourage you to plan ahead of time since delivery may be delayed during the WA quarantine inspection procedure, so we ask all of our WA customers to allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery.

The following list of seed varieties cannot be sent to Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions. The list is not exhaustive, but it includes the varieties of seeds we sell that are known to be restricted in WA. Please contact the appropriate quarantine service or visit their website for full details on quarantine restrictions.

The biosecurity laws affecting the seed import process are constantly changing, and it can be tough to keep up with all the new developments. If you think we need to update this list, get in touch and let us know. Happy Valley Seeds reserve the right to remove and refund any seed variety from your seed order that may not be on the following list to remain compliant.

Not for WA

All Bird Mix seed blend & Shell Grit
Barley Grain Grass Sprout (Hordeum vulgare)
Beneficial Insect Mix (Bee Flower Mix) 
Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum)
Chicken Forage Mix 
Corn, Maize, Popcorn & Sweet (Zea mays)
Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)
Gaillardia - Single Mixed (Gaillardia grandiflora)
Green Manure – Soybean & Soybean Edamame (Glycine max)
Green Manure Mix - Spring / Summer, Autumn Winter, Biofumigation Mix
Microgreens Mix 
Millet - White French (Panicum milliaceum L.)
Mung Bean (Sprout) (Vigna radiata)
Sorrel - Garden (Rumex acetosa)
Sorrel - Red-Veined - (Bloody Dock) (Rumex sanguineus)
Strawberry Spinach Sticks (Chenopodium foliosum)