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COLLARDS - Georgia Southern seeds

Home growth

Arrived well packaged will buy again

Rue seeds
Misun Yi

Rue seeds

Growing well

Love your seeds, they all take & are growing beautifully.Nothing is ready for picking yet so I’m excited to taste the end product

Tomato Ice cherry

Very productive, easy to sprout and grow. Great burst of flavour, especially when chilled.

Happy little plants

My buckwheat came up, are growing like weeds, and are now happily flowering, despite all the rain making their ground rather sodden. I'm waiting for them to seed so I can make some flour with them! And they grow so fast! Incredibly fast!

CORN SALAD - Large Dutch seeds
Russell George Walters
Corn Salad seeds

8 out of 8 seeds germinated. Seedlings slow growing, not transplanted yet.

Received order quicker than expected, well packaged, unfortunately I bought seeds at wrong time of year to plant


Hi unfortunately the snails ate them just as they popped out the soil. Will be doing them again. Jo

Happy Valley seeds

I am very happy with the very healthy seeds i received. Fast delivery. They grew quickly.

CHICORY - Red Rib seeds
D. Beth Harris
I love my happy Vally selection of salad seeds

They have a great germination success rate and you cannot beat the price ❣️🌿🌱

golden pursalane

Easy to grow and a good short term, very quick growing salad/survival vegetable. pleasant & not overpowering taste. I eat it raw in salads so I am not sure if it cooks well. I planted when the wild pursalane came up (late spring in my area) and it was edible within a few weeks. We had huge amounts of rain and it still survived although some kind of insect laid eggs and mini catapillars somehow lived inside the leaves and very rapidly chewed tunnels through the leaf. if this happens squeese leaves with markings gently between fingers to squash the catapillars . I guess you could cut them off as well. Right now the plants are still alive and hopefully will recover. They do look a little worse for wear so i'm hoping that whatever the insect was, it has finished laying! This is the first year I have seen this pest. But they are a good quick grow. edible plant. The wild form is also edible but much smaller. Plant heaps for a good crop.

Banana Passionfruit seeds
Cathie Dolinski
Banana passion fruit seeds

Still waiting for them to come up

DAHLIA - Bloody Mary Mix seeds
Siddhartha Sengupta
Prompt Delivery

Delivery was quite prompt.

Best seeds

I’ve just started growing vegetables by using seeds, and I know I’m buying quality when I buy from Happy Valley seeds. I planted all of the seeds and everyone came through.x

CHICORY - Italiko Rosso (Red Dandelion) seeds

Tomato cherry mix

Awesome. Coming up now!

SUNFLOWER - Evening Sun seeds
Suzanne Mihovilovich

Thanks Happy Valley. Great selection. Prompt response.

Silverbeet White

Seeds were sowed 20 October and began emerging 24 October. By 1st November all seeds had germinated. They are not ready for transplanting but are healthy and I'm looking forward to transplanting when appropriate.

Amaranth seeds report

I sowed both the green and red amaranth seeds on 20 October, they commenced emerging on 24 October and by 14 November they had their 3rd leaves. They are still in the seed-raising trays as i don’t want to transplant them while these heavy rains are about. I will send a photo pf the seedlings in the seed-trays.

good seeds, good service

very happy with the seeds, only had a few not grow but rest are growing strong.
happy with the service as well

Ashwagandha seeds
Jillian Ogle

Quick delivery and wonderful product, every time. Thank you.

ZINNIA - Orange King seeds
Gorgeous dress, fits perfectly, the fabric is soft and floaty and has a lovely print. Needs a slip
Orange king zinnia

From seed to flowering in 7 weeks, this stunning flower loves the summer heat and humidity of the tropics and the blooms are long lasting.


Excited to see what emerges from my tiny seeds. Thank you again Happy Valley Seeds 👏

Spaghetti squash

Viable seeds they have jumped out of the ground looking forward to using the squash on the next menu at our restaurant