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Green Manure Mix seeds - Spring/ Summer

I can’t tell you because the seeds have not grown big enough. May be it is still to cold??
Greetings. Inge


Everything went great and have had excellent germination rates.

Great Service

Great service as always and top quality seeds looking forward to getting more in the future

satisfied customer

very happy with product and quick turn around

Happy Valley Seeds - TOMATO - Black Krim

Great selection of seeds available. Easy to navigate site and prompt delivery. I’m always happy with my Happy Valley seeds and particularly the wide variety of tomato seeds. Having never before grown Black Krim I can’t wait to be picking and eating this delicious looking variety.

I like the packaging , clear instructions on sowing of seeds and that there is just the right amount . I’ve just got round to sowing them today along with a number of other Happy Valley seeds.

good products

very well pleased with the standard of goods received


Only just planted, but plenty of seeds germinating after only a couple of days


Just started growing.Can't wait to eat!

Growing brilliantly

Planted some of these seeds outside as soon as they arrived. They are all growing happily!

Best seeds for the best price you will ever find

They are growing great.

Great product

Great product, good amount of seeds and a quick delivery!

Thank you!

All seeds took off.

The seeds looked healthy and all rock off in a jiff. Look sturdy and nice all ready and no rot whatsoever, used regular seedling mix.

Blowing away

I wish I knew the outcome, the name sounds so yummy, BUT unfortunately the package blew away the other day.😂 seeds all over the garden but this was nowhere to be found….

Thanks for your email. I have just planted the seeds and still waiting for them to sprout. Regards!

Large Leafed Italian Basil

Seeds germinated well and are growing beautifully.

THYME - Summer seeds

Good start - they grew

Its early days, but all the seeds planted have sprouted. I now watch them grow and hope they'll be super pretty, they're a gift plant

havent planted them yet

PUMPKIN - Baby Blue seeds
gloria cheetham

Sorry we just planted them, they came in good quality packing I have kept your envelope for your address for future when required again thank you.

Happy customer!

It’s been 3 days since I sowed the seeds and there are some already sprouting! Super happy!

Don’t know yet

Don’t know yet

Heirloom Tomatoes

Very tasty tomatoes

Hyssop seeds
Fiona Branagh

Hyssop seeds