CARROT - Heirloom Mix seeds

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CARROT Heirloom Mix / Rainbow Mix - 100+ HEIRLOOM Seeds 

This is a fine blend of long carrots in white, red, orange, purple and gold colours. Not only colours are diverse, but we have also tossed in few varieties of seeds, such as Carrot Little Finger, Red Kuroda, Chantley Red Cored, Purple Dragon, Scarlet Red, Atomic Red, Solar Yellow, Lunar White and All Seasons, to name a few.

 A popular root vegetable producing an abundant harvest. 

Sow direct in the garden. Thin out at 5cm high. Keep moist in a fertile, well-drained, sunny position. Use fresh in salads, soups, juices or cooked. 

Sow all year except in hot climates. Growing notes will be provided.

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