Return & Refund Policy

Seeds are not "durable goods" that can be returned and resold to another customer. Since we have no control over how seeds are handled once they leave our facility, we cannot resell items that are returned. If you believe that we are at fault for some reason and have a compelling reason for justifying your returning your purchase, contact us for proper authorisation and shipping instructions prior to returning any item. The return address may be different from the published or shipping address. Return authorisation is required before returns are accepted.

All goods we sell must be of acceptable quality and fit for the purpose they are sold for. If we fail to meet any of these requirements, we will happily provide you with a replacement or refund. We are not required to give refunds under any other circumstances.

We guarantee all our seed as being fresh and of the highest quality, however we cannot replace seed that does not germinate as we have no control over how the seed was planted or the conditions they are planted in.

Any claims must be received within 30 days of order shipment. No claims will be entered into after 30 days.

Special orders including large orders with multiple packets and custom printed packets cannot be returned or refunded.

Shipping and handling is non-refundable.

Please note that there will be NO refunds for whatsoever reason for International orders. Despite this warning, if you chose to purchase the seeds, we will ship the order at buyer's risk and provide you with a tracking number.  If your order is lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, confiscated, seized, or you don’t get it for any reason then there will be no refund whatsoever.