Viola Heartsease Johnny Jump Up seeds

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Viola Heartsease Johnny Jump Up – 60 Seeds

(Viola tricolour)

A short-lived spring-planted annual plant takes 60 days to flowers 

(Johnny-Jump-Up, Heartsease Pansy) Annual or short-lived perennial in tropics, self-seeding. They like to grow in a moist, shady spot, lending their deep velvety blue, purple and yellow colours to the spring or fall garden. When planted in beds near the lawn, they will eject their seeds into the thatch and eventually “jump up” in delightful colonies. It is best to direct seed in a fertile garden bed in spring or start early in the greenhouse in small pots. Press into the soil surface or barely cover the seed and tamp well.   Germination typically takes 16 days. Space plants 30cm apart. Grows to 30cm.


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