CARROT - Red Kuroda seeds

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CARROT Red Kuroda

(Heirloom seeds)

Selection from the standard packet (200 Seeds), 25g

This very early maturing Asian variety has short 15 cm untapered roots, which have a rich red-orange colour and a highly regarded taste. It was bred to thrive in subtropical and tropical areas. The uniform plant has a high tolerance to heat and leaf blight. It has a high moisture content, so it is also suitable for juicing. They have a sweet, crisp flavour and produce short feathery tops. They are ideal for eating raw and also for freezing and bottling. This is an excellent variety for pickling. 

Growing Info

This is a cool-season annual.  Sow carrots any time of the year, except the very hot period and frosty periods. Sow, either spring or autumn in very mild areas all year round is possible. A sunny position is required. It germinates best at 8-28 ‎°C soil temperature. To improve germination, prevent seed rows from drying out by covering with cardboard; remove as soon as seeds germinate. Harvest in 65-90 days.


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simon cain

CARROT - Red Kuroda seeds

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