CARROT - All Seasons seeds

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CARROT All Season

(Heirloom seeds)

Selection from the standard packet (250 Seeds), 25g

A carrot for all the seasons! A popular orange variety that grows to 22 cm long, with a tapered end. Large, crunchy and full of flavour – just what you want from any home-grown carrot.  

For winter eating sow in late summer or early autumn in a well-drained soil/position to prevent the roots cracking. 

Has good disease resistance: slower bolting - a good choice for warmer regions. Main Queensland variety, also popular in NSW. 

Growing Info

This is a cool-season annual.  Sow carrots any time of the year, except a very hot period of the year and frosty periods. Sow either spring or autumn, in very mild areas all year round is possible. A sunny position is required. It germinates best at 8-28 ‎°C soil temperature. To improve germination, prevent seed rows from drying out by covering with cardboard; remove as soon as seeds germinate. Harvest in 65-90 days.



Customer Reviews

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Zeke Harwood

CARROT - All Seasons seeds

First timer

So excited I found Happy Valley seeds. I'm just beginning my gardening journey and I loved seeing how much variety there is. I've learnt a tomato isn't just a tomato!! It has definitely made me curious about all the different varieties of fruits, salads and veggies.

Billie-Jo Lowe

CARROT - All Seasons seeds

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