ALYSSUM - Magic Circles Mixed seeds

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Alyssum Magic Circles Mixed – 500 Seeds

(Lobularia Maritima)

In a lovely mix of pastel shades, this hardy and versatile little ground cover are easy to grow and an ideal way to add some low growing colour to your garden. Magic Circle Mix Alyssum is a great seed to have around with a spreading tendency and an ability to thrive in the sun or part shade and less than ideal soil conditions! Trailing Ground Cover; Grows up to 15cm. Mixed Color Blooms; White, Purple, Pink

Sowing Instructions

Sow on the surface or barely cover with fine, moist seed raising mix. Must keep at 15-20°C, water carefully with a fine mist, germination 2-3 weeks, thin out plants to 7 cm when large enough to handle


Customer Reviews

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Very easy to grow.

I am not the greatest of gardeners , but I found these easy to grow and they look really good around my garden border . As I had really good success with a very good yield rate of ALYSSUM - Magic Circles Mixed seeds , it gave me confidence to try a few more types of seeds . Thumbs not so black after all .

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