Amaranth - Red Garnet seeds

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AMARANTH - Red Garnet - 125 Seeds

Botanical Name: Amaranthus tricolour

Intensely bright fuchsia-red plants are just much brighter than most Amaranths, we think. Red Garnet can be used as a cooked green, allowed to flower for a dramatic display in the garden or grow for grain! 

Some folks share the grain with the birds attracting beautiful buntings, goldfinches and other flying jewels. 

Red Garnet Amaranth will make a stunning addition to your edible flower or vegetable garden. You'll get dozens of seed heads that will make beautiful arrangements or produce lots of seed! 

The inner leaves are crisp and make a nice cooked vegetable dish. Generally, the leaves and stalks can be used as a hot weather spinach replacement. Include them in soups, stir fry dishes, salads or any other dish requiring green leafy vegetables. They are quicker to cook than spinach, so they must be added right at the end of the cooking process. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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