Assorted Flower Garden Seeds - 25 Packs

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Assorted Flower Garden Seeds - 25 Packs

No garden is truly complete without flowers. They don't just make your home look and smell great; they're like nature's colourful confetti, adding that much-needed pop to any garden party. Flowers brighten your day and give your spirits a floral boost. Let your garden bloom, and you'll be blooming too! 🌼🌺🌸

Get ready to be blown away by this magnificent 25 garden seed packets value pack! It's like having your botanical wonderland with 25 incredible varieties. Embrace the magic and watch your garden bloom with beauty! 🌼✨ 

Sr SKU Flower seed variety Seeds Botanical name
1 F-042 Aster - Single Rainbow Mixed 130 Callistephus chinensis
2 F-055 Bells of Ireland 40 Moluccella laevis
3 F-086 Celosia - Lilliput Mixed 250 Celosia plumosa Syn. Celosia argentea
4 F-094 Chrysanthemum - Rainbow Single Mixed 65 Chrysanthemum carinatum Syn. Ismelia carinata
5 F-101 Cornflower - Dwarf Polka Dot Mix 80 Centaurea cyanus
6 F-112 Cosmos - Tall Sensation Mixed 50 Cosmos bipinnatus
7 F-114 Creeping Baby's Breath 120 Gypsophila repens
8 F-148 Foxglove - Gloxiniaeflora Mixed 300 Digitalis Purpurea
9 F-158 Hollyhock - Summer Carnival 20 Alcea Rosea
10 F-160 Iceland Poppy - Victory Giants Mix 200 Papaver nudicaule
11 F-180 Marigold (African) - Crackerjack 50 Tagetes erecta
12 F-198 Nigella - Persian Jewels Mixed 65 Nigella damascena
13 F-208 Petunia - Dwarf Mix 400 Petunia nana compacta Syn. Petunia x hybrida
14 F-214 Poppy - Orientale Mix seeds 275 Papaver orientale
15 F-220 Portulaca - Double-Flowered Mixed 300 Portulaca grandiflora
16 F-235 Sea Holy - Deep Blue 20 Eryngium planum
17 F-238 Snapdragon - Tom Thumb Mixed 250 Antirrhinum majus
18 F-264 Sunflower - Sunbird 20 Helianthus annuus
19 F-271 Sweet William - Tall Single Herald of Spring 100 Dianthus barbatus
20 F-292 Verbena - Mammoth Mix 50 Verbena x hybrida
21 F-295 Viola - Heartsease Johnny Jump Up 60 Viola cornuta
22 F-332 Zinnia - Cherry Queen (Cherry Red) 40 Zinnia elegans
23 F-343 Zinnia - Peppermint Stick 40 Zinnia elegans
24 F-344 Zinnia - Persian Carpet Mixed 100 Zinnia elegans
25 F-373 Calendula - Pink Surprise 25 Calendula Officinalis


Flowers are like VIP lounges for the cool insects - butterflies, bumblebees, hummingbirds, and honeybees can't resist these stunning hangouts throughout spring and summer.

Get your garden game on with a vibrant collection of colourful flowers. Growing flowers from seed is the ultimate DIY project - it's easy, enjoyable, and won't break the bank. Plus, it's the secret to adding an explosion of colour to your garden!

Our flower seeds are fresh, fabulous, and ready to bloom when the time is right. We pamper them in a fancy, temperature-controlled facility, keeping them cozy and airtight until they're ready to be shipped. And each packet comes with a label and growing instructions - we've got you covered!

Now, here are some top-secret tips for your blooming success. Shh, don't tell anyone! 😉

  • Some flower varieties have tiny seeds, each with the potential to grow into a full-size plant that spreads at least 5-7 cm wide. We source our seeds from one of the top suppliers worldwide, ensuring freshness and guaranteed growth when planted as instructed.
  • For optimal results, surface sow the tiny seeds on a fresh layer of finely composted black soil, enhancing your growing outcomes. Avoid burying the seeds too deep, as this may hinder germination. Mistreating them daily with a spray bottle is recommended to maintain moist soil and provide ample sunlight.
  • To protect against potential hazards such as bird or insect damage, consider sowing the seeds in a seed tray rather than directly in the ground. It is important to note that if these seeds are sown in mulch, sandy soils, clay-based soils, rocky soils, or any soil other than finely composted black soil, your flower garden project may yield poor results.
  • Additionally, some flower varieties are perennial, and it is important to understand that perennials often do not flower in the first growing season. Their energy is focused on establishing strong root systems during the initial year.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further inquiries or require additional information. We are dedicated to assisting our valued customers in successfully cultivating their gardens.

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Shipping Restrictions

Western Australia Customers: We can ship most seed line items, except Quarantine WA restricted seed lines to WA. To help us ship your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, please do not include any seed items prohibited in WA; they are listed with the label 'NOT to WA'. Due to quarantine restrictions in WA, there is a 10kg seeds limit per variety. WA orders require additional handling time. Please remain within an approved limit when ordering seeds. We review every WA order before dispatch and remove (or reduce) excess seed quantity from your order to comply with WA biosecurity regulations. Please check further information here

Tasmania Customers: We can ship seeds to Tasmania. Please do not include seed line items labeled 'NOT to TAS'. Please note that the maximum allowable limit per permitted seed line item is 1kg per order.

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