AUBRETIA - Hybrida Mix seeds

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Aubretia Hybrida Mix (Rock Cress)- 120 Seeds

(Aubretia Coltorum) 

A welcome herald of spring! Clusters of flowers above compact, evergreen foliage. Creates a blanket of colour that butterflies are certain to find. 

If you want a low growing plant to hang out of baskets, hang over a rock wall, or just add to your landscaping colour, this cascading Aubretia (Rock Cress) is a perfect choice. Aubretia looks beautiful cascading over rock walls and has blooms of blue, red, and purple in spring through summer. 


Classic plants for rock gardens! Charming when tucked into rock crevices or walls. Tumbles beautifully over rocks, slopes, and banks. Makes a good small scale groundcover. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow on surface/barely covers with fine moist seed raising mix. The seed requires light to germinate. Must need 15-20 °C, Water carefully with a fine mist, Germination 2-3wks. Flower 10-12wks


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