Autumn Winter Seeds Collection - 23 Packs - COMBO PACK


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Autumn Winter Vegetable Seeds - 23 Packs Combo

23 Packs - 2500+ Heirloom & Open-Pollinated Seeds

Kick start your COOL SEASON Veggie Garden!

This value pack of Heirloom vegetable seeds is most suitable for the cooler time of the year, i.e AUTUMN and WINTER. The backyard gardener receives continual harvest throughout the winter and spring months.

This category of plants does best when the weather is cool and most will even take a light frost. A few, like Brussels sprouts and Kale, even thrive in frosty conditions and taste better afterwards.

You will receive each of the following varieties in a separate pack along with propagation notes on the top of seed packets.

1 HM-A21 Lettuce - Heirloom Mix (400+ seeds)
2 V-133 Beetroot - Detroit Dark Red (50 seeds)
3 V-148 Bok Choy (Pak Choi) - White Stem (100 Seeds)
4 V-165 Broccoli - Waltham (100 Seeds)
5 V-167 Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved (100+ Seeds)
6 V-177 Cabbage - Golden Acre (100+ seeds)
7 V-215 Carrot - All Season (250+ seeds)
8 V-246 Cauliflower - First Early (100 Seeds)
9 V-387 Chinese Cabbage Michihli (100 Seeds)
10 V-396 Collards - Champion (100 Seeds)
11 V-462 Kale - Black Toscana (100 seeds)
12 V-464 Kale - Dwarf Blue Curled (100 Seeds)
13 V-472 Kohl Rabi - Purple (100 Seeds)
14 V-483 Lettuce - Buttercrunch (100 Seeds)
15 V-539 Onion - Red Burgundy (100 Seeds)
16 V-545 Onion (Spring) - Evergreen (100 seeds)
17 V-593 Radish - French Breakfast (50 Seeds)
18 V-613 Rocket - Salad (200 Seeds)
19 V-633 Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant (50 seeds)
20 V-645 Spinach - Baby (100 Seeds)
21 V-785 Turnip - Purple Top White Globe (50 Seeds)
22 VB-08 Bean Broad - Aquadulce (15 seeds)
23 VB-61 Pea (Snowpea) - Mammoth Melting (25 seeds)


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chad Skinner
Very happy

Awesome variety will definitely buy more for upcoming seasons

Malcolm Vawser
I was great to get so much in the different types of seeds

I thought that the number of different types of seeds in the packet was great. Already started planting them

Alexandra Ballantyne
Happy Seeds Indeed!

Excellent products, excellent service, excellent packaging, excellent customer service makes me happy, happy, happy! 100% recommended.

Julie Tran
Amazing results for a first timer

No plant I've ever touched has lived to tell their tale and I've have never planted a seed before.
So in true newbie style I order a Winter Seed Pack when winter was over. Luckily when I looked at seed packs, alot of the seeds could be planted in spring, so I planted a bunch of them according to the instructions. Day by day I could see little seedlings emerge, and now 5 weeks later I've actually harvested my first batch of French Breakfast Radishes. The seeds were such great quality that almost every single seed I planted germinated! Thankyou Happy Valley Seeds for giving me a purpose to go outside everyday and something to look forward to throughout lockdown. I've loved watching my plants thrive and can't wait for more harvests in the future.

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