Autumn Winter Seeds Collection - 14 Packs - COMBO PACK


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14 Varieties - 14 PACKS - 1500+ HEIRLOOM Seeds

Kick start your COOL SEASON Veggie Garden TODAY!

This value pack of Heirloom vegetable seeds most suitable for the cooler time of the year, i.e. AUTUMN and WINTER season. The backyard gardener receives continual harvest throughout the winter and spring months.

This category of plants does best when the weather is cool, and most will even take a light frost. A few, like Brussels sprouts and Kale, even thrive in frosty conditions and taste better afterwards.

You will receive each variety in a separate pack along with propagation notes. We supply horticulture grade seeds in a neat and clean small plastic clip lock bag with basic growing information on the seed packet's top. This keeps our cost down, and also, they could easily fit into a small padded bag to keep postage cost down.

1.Beetroot - 50 Seeds
2.Broccoli - 50 Seeds
3.Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved - 100+ Seeds
4. Baby Spinach - 25 Seeds
5.Cabbage (Any Heirloom Variety) -100+ Seeds
6.Carrot (Any Heirloom Variety) - 100+ Seeds
7.Cauliflower - 50 Seeds
8.Kale (Any Heirloom Variety) - 100+ Seeds
9. Lettuce Heirloom Mix - 500+ Seeds
10.Lettuce (Any Heirloom variety) - 100+ Seeds
11. Kohl Rabi (Any Heirloom Variety) - 100+ Seeds
12.Onion (Any Heirloom Variety) - 100+ Seeds
13.Silverbeet (Any Heirloom Variety) - 50 Seeds
14.Turnip (Any Heirloom Variety) - 50 Seeds

Propagation Notes will be supplied with each pack for your convenience


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