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Basil Large Sweet Italian - 50 Seeds

(Ocimum basilicum)

This popular variety has the largest leaves of any of the basil varieties. Plants grow 24 to 32 cm tall with large medium-dark green leaves from 2 to 4 cm long. Compared to Genovese, the scent and taste are sweeter and milder. Slow bolting matures slightly later than Genovese. 

Naturally, most people use basil for culinary purposes or as garden plants. However, basil is a good remedy for travel sickness, a very useful mouth gargle, and assistance for several other ailments. These include stomach spasms, loss of appetite, indigestion, kidney conditions, fluid retention, head colds and warts. It is thought some of the many chemicals in basil might assist in fighting intestinal worms. 

As a topical agent, basil can be used for skin ointment and its anti-bacterial properties. Used in tea, basil is said to ward off headaches, depression and tiredness. It also has value as an eyewash. 

Basil contains vitamin C, calcium and several minerals. It is useful for lowering blood sugar in some people but is not reliable in this respect. Basil also contains estragole, which can contribute to liver cancer in high amounts. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet

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