BEAN - Bush Tougue of Fire (Bush) seeds

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BUSH BEAN 'Tongue of Fire' - 15 HEIRLOOM Seeds

Other name:  Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco (Italian) 

Very popular, high yielding bush-type plants of green pods with red and scarlet colored streaks. Beans themselves also have the distinctive red streaking which makes for a fun ingredient in salads and soups. Fabulous flavor is retained whether fresh, frozen or canned. A truly multi-purpose bean. 

Tongue of Fire bean is an heirloom cultivar which originates from the Tierra Del Fuego archipelago at the southernmost tip of South America.  It has become a popular variety in Italy. 

Tongue of Fire is a dwarf bush bean that produces stringless, flattened pods up to about 15cm long.  Both the pods and dried beans are pale green in color with attractive, vibrant red streaking.  The pods can be picked young and eaten as a green bean or allowed to mature and cooked as a shelled bean.  Tongue of Fire beans have a mild, sweet, nutty flavor and a good, creamy texture.


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