Bean Climbing - Kentucky Wonder (Brown Seeded) seeds

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Bean Kentucky Wonder (Brown Seeded) Seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris

Climbing / Pole Bean variety

Selection from the standard packet (25 seeds), 100g, 400g & 1kg

Kentucky Wonder Brown seeded bean is an heirloom developed in Kentucky before 1864. This is the brown-seeded strain of a very popular pole bean and is well-loved for its vigour and delicate bean flavour. 

You may expect large clusters of round, curved, 18-25cm long silvery-green, fleshy pods. These are virtually stringless with a distinctive flavour. 

The vines are particularly tall, so you need to provide adequate support for climbing. Kentucky Wonder Brown bean seeds germinate better in cool soils to be planted a little earlier than other pole bean seeds. These beans are well-loved for fresh eating and freeze nicely for storage and winter use.


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phil drever
Veggie seeds

Fantastic all are growing well.I will definitely be buying more.

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