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Bean Lab Lab – Highgrowth - 20 Heirloom Seeds                     

Lab Lab Bean – Highworth is a vigorous creeping annual (or bi-annual in warmer areas), produces large bulk of seed, excellent ground cover,  large amounts of organic matter, nitrogen and legume cover crops. This variety is earlier maturing than the Rongai variety. It is black seeded, has purple flowers and originally from the southern part of India since 1973. 

Lablab is very palatable as a forage. 26% protein. Their pods can be eaten when young if cooked. The delicious flowers are best eaten raw in salads. Mature seeds must be boiled before eating to break down a toxic cyanogenic glycoside in their coat. 

Lablab requires a sunny position. It thrives in a wide range of soils, from poor sandy soils to heavy clays, when drainage is good. 

Thanks to its taproot, lablab can extract water from 2 m below the soil surface, which makes it drought hardy and allows it to grow during the dry periods of the year. Lablab tolerates some flooding but does not withstand poor drainage or prolonged waterlogging.


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Adolf Creado

The lab lab seeds germinate but after a week or so they wither away...rather disappointing...and ism a experienced home Gardner...I have sown 6 seeds so far...I'm inperth...any advice..rgds Adolf.

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