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BEAN Scarlet Emperor (Runner) - 10 Heirloom Seeds

It’s an annual plant. These showy and ornamental and edible pole-type beans carry masses of bright scarlet flowers in slender clusters over a long summer and autumn season.

Hummingbirds love them! The flowers are followed by dark green, flattened pods that are quite tasty when young. Older pods can be shelled and the seeds prepared like green lima beans. 

Tolerates part shade and cool conditions better than other beans - in fact, flowering is heaviest in areas without hot, dry summers. In hot climates, they will flower quite nicely in the late summer and fall.

Runner Beans are terrific for providing quick shade on porches or for covering arbours, fences or outbuildings. 

Scarlet Emperor produces long and tasty pods from very attractive edible red flowers. Runner beans are from a different botanical family to common or French beans. This is why they have a unique texture and taste.


Customer Reviews

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Strongest growers for Melbourne climate

Of the heirloom mix I got, these seemed to grow the quickest and happiest. They are starting to flower and the red flowers are a lovely burst of colour. I waited for seedlings to to grow several leaves before transferring but they could easily be sown direct if the ground isn't too wet.

David Lane

just flowered waiting to see if hot snap 40+ kills them off.

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