Bells of Ireland seeds

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Bells of Ireland - 40 Seeds

(Moluccella Laevis)

Bells of Ireland, Moluccella laevis, is an unusual plant bearing long spikes of small, fragrant, white-pink flowers, which are surrounded by a pale green calyx in late summer. Perfect for flower arranging, the bells will last for years and are useful in winter arrangements. It also looks good in herbaceous borders, contrasting well with bolder-coloured plants. 

The flowers of Bells of Ireland are a symbol of good luck. Whether this is true or not, in a cool climate, you will have good luck growing this annual. The flowers, cultivated since 1570, are good cut flowers as well as dried flowers. 

For cut flowers, cut stem ends and dip briefly into boiling water, and transfer to warm water in a vase. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow in Spring (or cool time of the year)3mm deep in a seed tray, cover with cling wrap with few holes. Lower temp (15°C) enhance germination. Water with a spray bottle, Germinates in 2-3 wks—70 cm high plant.


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