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Lemon Mint / Bee Balm (Bergamot Citriodoria / Lemon Monarda / Monarda citriodora) – 125 Seeds

Monarda citriodora has several common names, including Lemon Beebalm, lemon horsemint, plains horsemint, lemon beebalm, lemon bergamot, and Purple Horse Mint. 

Lemon Bee Balm (Monarda Citriodora) - Start Monarda Citriodora seeds for a wonderful annual that attracts beneficial insects. 

Monarda Citriodora is commonly called Lemon Bee Balm, Lemon Mint, and Purple Horsemint. As the name suggests, it is a herb in the mint family. Lavender-to-pink, tuft-like, whorled flower heads attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. The Lemon Mint herb plant blooms from spring into late summer. Often late in the season, the scent is described as resembling oregano more than lemon. 

Monarda Citriodora grows in prairies, roadsides and other sunny habitats from wildflower seed. It grows from California to Florida but is a native of the Midwest. It prefers soils with a high percentage of clay but is adaptable to varying soil types as long as they are drier and not saturated. Lemon Bee Balm herb plants grow best in full sun to partial shade. Like many wildflowers, they can re-grow from the wildflower seed that drops it late fall. This wildflower seed will be dormant until temperatures rise the following spring, and proper moisture levels are obtained to ensure germination.

How To Grow Lemon Bee Balm:

Growing Lemon Mint seed is easy and rewarding! Sow Lemon Bee Balm seeds directly in prepared areas in the spring when temperatures begin to warm. Spread the herb seeds evenly and rake them into loose topsoil. Supplemental watering is suggested if spring rains are poor. Provide additional water until the plants reach 30cm tall. Once established, Lemon Bee Balm should re-seed itself. Allow flower seeds to mature completely before mowing or cutting down. Since it's annual, the Purple Horsemint plant must be reseeded for the following year. 


Special Value to Native Bees

Special Value to Bumble Bees


These seeds germinate best if they are exposed to light. If these seeds are covered in soil, chances are good they will never sprout. These seeds should only be pressed onto the surface of the soil and kept moist to germinate. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet. 

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