Bean Broad - Coles Dwarf seeds

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Size: Packet: 15 Seeds
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BROAD BEAN (BUSH BEAN) Coles Dwarf Seeds

(Vicia faba)

Selection from standard packet (15 seeds), 100g, 400g & 1kg

Coles dwarf is a short variety and produces heavy crops with long pods to 13-15cm.

It has been known in Britain since 600 B.C. Its valuable winter and spring vegetable as it withstands heavy frost, used as a fresh or dried bean. Eat fresh from pods like peas, or dried seeds.

This bean is rich in vitamins B and E. Pinching out tips after the first flowers appear to encourage pods to set particularly in warmer areas. Plants may need support by strings between stakes. Likes only slightly acid soil, too much manure promotes too much leaf growth.


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