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BROAD BEAN Tripoli Seeds

(Vicia Faba)

Selection from the standard packet (10 seeds), 100g 

Broad Bean Tripoli is an exciting new variety that offers a larger pod size and yield compared to standard types of Broad beans. The pods regularly contain 6-7 large seeds and have excellent yield potential. The plants of Tripoli performs better during warmer weather than the standard Aquadulce variety. This Tripoli is an essential variety for professional growers and home gardeners due to its yield potential. 

Sowing time - Autumn to Winter. Prefer sunny position, sow 30mm-40mm deep, emerge 7-14 days. Harvest in approx. 75-85 days after planting. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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stella ovenden
Broad beans - the package info

Hi Guys, the broad beans (Tripoli) you sent me look pretty good - well dried, large size, healthy looking. There is some good info on the pack, but I'd like to see info about where these beans were grown, and what year they were harvested. And maybe a "Best Before" date. Otherwise, how can I tell how old they are, and whether they are likely to thrive in my climate?
Yours hopefully, Rose

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