BROCCOLI - Leaf Spigariello seeds

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BROCCOLI Leaf – Spigariello - 100 Seeds

Spigariello is a traditional southern Italian specialty sometimes referred to as a “leaf broccoli”.  While often likened to rapini in that it does not make a central broccoli “head”. It is much less pungent than raab and with a much bigger and more heavily branching frame. The narrow, very dark green leaves, develop a wonderful wavy, curvy, twisting form as the plant matures, making for a striking bunch at the market and beautiful addition to braises, sautés,  pizzas, and soups. The hearty flavour is something of a cross between broccoli leaves and Tuscan kale or collards and is perfect for rustic Italian cuisine. Somewhat unusual in the Brassica family, it has white flowers, suggesting that it originally came to southern Italy from Asia as a descendant of gai lan or Chinese broccoli. 

Sowing time is Autumn to early Spring in hot climates. Avoid hot times of the year. Prefer sunny position, sow 5mm deep, emerge 7-14 days, best germination at less than 22 °C soil temperature. Harvest 45 days – continual harvest is recommended for growth. Frost hardy. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Pamela Powell

The seedlings have sprouted and growing well in my raised bedz

Alaine Cohen

BROCCOLI - Leaf Spigariello seeds

Julie Mckie
Broccoli Spigariello

All seeds I planted have germinated and are ready to plant in garden.

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