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Cabbage Coronet F1 - 30 Seeds (Hybrid, NON-GMO) 

Cabbage Coronet F1 is a fresh market hybrid cabbage variety suitable for Autumn, winter, spring and early summer harvesting. Not only it has excellent holding ability, but also have an excellent bolting tolerance. 

CORONET F1 has a very firm flat round shaped head with average head size (without outer frame leaves) of between 3-4 kg with an excellent flavour.  It has an exceptional dark green colour, a high first cut percentage and good standability.

It can be well adapted for different climates with excellent cold tolerance. Produces cabbage heads with perfect uniformity 

Approximately 120 - 140 days from transplant to maturity in winter and about 90 - 110 days in summer. 

This variety has an intermediate disease resistance to Black Rot 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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