CABBAGE - Golden Acre seeds

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CABBAGE Golden Acre Seeds

Selection from the standard packet (100 seeds), 25g, 100g, 250g

The Golden Acre is a tasty cabbage that arrives early and is suited for close spacing. This early round head cabbage is slow bolting, easily grown and versatile in use. Heads are about 15-18cm in diameter on compact plants about 30cm high. Its firm, medium green head is excellent cooked or raw in stews and salads—good disease resistance and great for a winter garden. 

Protect your cabbage row from the caterpillar of the cabbage moth by draping a lightweight row cover over the plants. 

Sowing time is Autumn to early Spring. Avoid hot times of the year. Prefer sunny position, sow 5mm deep, emerge 7-14 days, best germination at less than 22 °C soil temperature. Harvest approx. 65-100 days after sowing. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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CABBAGE - Golden Acre seeds

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