CABBAGE - Green Forte F1 seeds

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Cabbage Green Forte F1 - 30 Seeds (Hybrid, Pelleted, NON-GMO) 

Cabbage Green Forte F1 is an all year variety which produces 18cm uniform round head in about 80 days. The plant is a vigorous short core and has large blue-green wrap leaves.

This variety is suited for fresh market and processing.

It has resistant to black rot and fusarium yellow. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Information about Pelleted Seeds:

Pelleted seeds were developed for commercial growers who use machines to sow seeds. Pelleted seeds are regular plant seeds that have been coated to give them a round, smooth, uniform shape and size, making it less likely for them to jam a mechanical seeder, and increasing the accuracy of the seeder in terms of spacing. It also improves evenness in germination. The few varieties of seeds we offer as pelleted contain no seed treatment or chemicals.

Pelleted seeds are also helpful to the home gardener because they are easy to see and handle.

NOTE: Extra care must be taken with all pelleted seeds. Be sure to keep the seedbed EXTRA moist until germination. If the seedbed is allowed to dry out, the clay pelleting material may leach moisture from the seed, resulting in poor germination.


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