CALIFORNIAN POPPY - Ballerina Double Mix seeds

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CALIFORNIAN POPPY Ballerina Double Mix – 100 Seeds

(Eschscholzia Ballerina Double Mix) 

The “Ballerina” California Poppy is an absolute beauty that is sure to add heaps of colour - and intrigue - to your flower garden. This variety has double petals in a wide range of brilliant colours and is not your typical California Poppy. As with all Eschscholzia varietals, Ballerina tends to perform best when planted en masse. Plant directly in your garden, and it will spread easily! 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow - Spring in cooler climates or Au-Win warmer climate zones. Prefer sunny position, sow 3mm deep, keep moist, emerge 10-14 days. An annual plant, 30-40cm height


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