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CALIFORNIAN POPPY Red Chief (Scarlet Red) – 150 Seeds

(Eschscholzia Red Chief - Scarlet Red) 

Californian poppy Red Chief brings one of the best and most authentic red ever seen into your garden. The intensely coloured and elegant flowers are produced all summer long and are particularly beautiful in groups and borders in the natural garden setting. 

Their vibrant scarlet to red flowers makes a striking contrast to the feathery foliage. Excellent in annual borders and sown directly into containers for the accessible, colourful floral garden. 

The Californian poppy is a famous balcony and tub plant and also has a charming effect on the edges of beds and in rock gardens. It originates - as the name suggests - from California. Although the plants appear delicate and fragile, they are very robust and can withstand dry, hot conditions on poor soils. They produce beautiful, delicate flowers throughout the season, popular with bees, bumblebees and hoverflies. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow - Spring in cooler climates or Au-Win warmer climate zones. Prefer sunny position, sow 3mm deep, keep moist, emerge 10-14 days. An annual plant, 30-40cm height.


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