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Candytuft Gibraltarica – 30 Seeds

(Iberis Gibraltarica) 

Candytuft Gibraltarica is a low-growing perennial with lavender-pink flowers from late spring to summer. They open very pale and darken with age. It makes an excellent ground cover with evergreen foliage. The flat-topped flowers attract butterflies. 

Candytuft Gibraltarica can be cut back after blooming to keep the plants compact and bushy. Or allow it to trail over the ground. It self sows nicely if allowed to go to seed—drought-tolerant plant. 

The foliage remains evergreen throughout the year, providing structure to a rock garden in winter when there is little else to see and adding a little greenery to the winter garden. 

Plant strategically along paths or to outline steps etc., to make the most of this valuable feature. 

Give these early season low-growing perennials a try. Their spring colour and green foliage in winter offer year-round interests that make them tough to beat. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow on in Spring to Autumn in seed tray/punnets at 2-4 mm deep. Must need 15-20°C, Water carefully with a fine mist, Germination 2-3weeks. Space 20cm apart,

flowers in 90-100 days. Hardy Annual Plant


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