CANDYTUFT - Umbellata Mixed seeds

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Candytuft Umbellata Mixed – 60 Seeds

(Iberis Umbellata) 

Domed clusters of fragrant flowers in all shades of pink, mauve or white, open all summer long. A popular and easily grown plant, it is beneficial for providing colourful ground cover in poor soil. 

This wildflower is so easy to grow from Candytuft seeds! Annual Candytuft is a wildflower that is just about as wonderful as its cousin, perennial Candytuft. When planted from wildflower seed, it begins flowering within just a few short months with colours ranging from white to pink to purple. It is taller and less compact than perennial Candytuft, but as you can see, the colours are striking, and it makes a beautiful addition to the wildflower garden or to use as a taller ground cover plant. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow on in Spring to Autumn in seed tray/punnets at 2-4 mm deep. Must need 15-20°C, Water carefully with a fine mist, Germination 2-3weeks. Space 20cm apart,

flowers in 90-100 days. Hardy Annual Plant


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